I Believe | The world in a suburb is an interactive multimedia documentary in English, French and Dutch about Bressoux, a neighbourhood in Liège in Belgium.

The photo stories and short movies paint an intimate and intriguing image of life in a migrant suburb from the perspective of its residents (with and without migration background) and their communities.You meet residents from various cultures and enter worlds that mostly remain closed to outsiders. 

The residents share their life stories and their beliefs on current social topics such as migration, racism, nationalism, integration, radicalisation, the position of migrant women, religion, ethnic profiling and living in close proximity to other cultures.

Independent of their country of origin or educational background, every featured resident contributes to understanding today’s complex world a little better.

Visit Bressoux online with one click on the map below and watch the interactive, multimedia documentary in English, French or Dutch.

Or go to www.ibelieve-project.com

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