I grew up in a time of material progress. For my parents, having a good life meant being able to buy a color tv and a small car and to go on holidays with the family abroad. All these things were produced to make us happy. But we never really talked about what it means to have a fulfilling life.

 Cities like Liège and Charleroi in Belgium, and places in North Rhine-Westphalia - the German land of coal and steel - were once important industrial centers in steel making, mining and gunsmithing. The backbone of the era of mass consumption in which I grew up.

This has become the land of the people who have no longer trust in their politicians, the institutions and even the daily news. These are the people who feel they have lost, and now support nationalist and authoritarian leaders. They live surrounded by the relics of a surreal post-industrial world, and try to make the best out of it.

Photographs from this series were published in Dodho Magazine (august 2016) and exposed at Centre Ceramique Maastricht (10 sept – 15 oktober 2017) and in the Dutch Photomuseum Rotterdam (10 - 13 may 2018).