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Once upon a time is a portrait of the post-industrial heart of Western Europe. The landscapes, portraits and interiors tell a story about inhabitants from different cultures trying to make the best of their lives in a region with an uneasy cinematic beauty. The story also touches on a current social problem. The world must and wants to stop with the polluting industry and coal for generating energy. The 94 images show what the impact can be on an area and its residents if large industrial companies close and the local economy has to reinvent itself.


The Dutch documentary photographer HJ Hunter started in 2015 from his hometown of Maastricht on a journey of discovery through the raw post-industrial landscape that he closed his eyes to as a child, and that he came to appreciate as a photographer.

Once upon a time

€ 45,00Price
  • Publisher:

    ISBN: 9789462264571

    Hardcover, 176 pages, 94 photographs

    Introduction text in English, German, French and Dutch

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